The original flavor of drying underwear

The original flavor of drying underwear

A sexy erotic underwear can add a lot of charm and confidence to you, and is often carefully maintained. However, because of the rushing washing and shooting, it will make the erotic underwear lose its original charm.The correct drying method can ensure that the original and shape of the sexy underwear are unchanged. Let’s take a look at the correct drying method.

Choose underwear dry net

When choosing a sexy underwear, you must pay attention to whether there is a dry net. This mesh -shaped underwear placing frame can better protect the shape of the underwear and avoid stretching, deformation and damage.When drying, you can choose this kind of drying net to allow your sexy underwear to be in a proper state during the entire drying process to avoid accidental damage.

Wire before drying the underwear

If you cherish your erotic underwear, you must ensure that you should be wrapped in the underwear before you dry it.The twisted underwear is obviously more likely to restore the initial state, and the residual water in the natural process is easy to clean.

Don’t squeeze together

Make sure that each piece of erotic underwear is dry alone to avoid squeezing with other clothes or underwear.Because when sexy underwear and other underwear are squeezed together, it is easy to friction and entanglement, causing problems such as stretching and damage.

Avoid direct sunlight

Interest underwear is not like ordinary clothing, and it is easy to be affected by climate change such as sunlight, desert wind, and dry air.Therefore, in order to protect your erotic underwear, do not be damaged by excessive exposure, you must choose the drying method with sufficient light but avoid direct sunlight.

Don’t dry at high temperature

Many people handle their clothes through the dryer, but the speed of sex underwear is too faster when drying, which can easily cause problems such as shrinkage and deformation.In order to maintain the beauty and protection of your sexy underwear, do not use the dryer to force the water to remove the water.

Fresh air

In drying, contact with the surrounding environment is also important.Dry air and pollution can cause underwear to taste. Therefore, please try to dry the underwear in a good ventilation place to fully fresh the air.

Do not use the sun shower gel

Many women choose to dry the underwear directly in the sun after using the sun shower gel, because this can kill bacteria, but not only is harmed by the sun, but also easily damage lace fabrics and other details. This is a millionUnable to adventure options.

Dry also requires drying

Interest underwear also needs to be dried after wearing it.Otherwise, the remaining temperature on the underwear will cause the stains of the underwear to worsen and even cause odor.After passing through, the sexy underwear can usually be collected in a special underwear bag to dry, or use the wound rubber red socks to fix the drying, but do not use ordinary hooks, curved needles, etc.


When all jobs are completed, please confirm the safety of drying the work area.Make sure several important matters: first, put on underwear as much as possible, do not let them contact other clothes or other items directly; second, reserve more drawings, mops and other tools in advance in advance in case.


When drying in erotic underwear, the correct way is not only conducive to the maintenance of the underwear itself, but also helps your image performance.Choose the appropriate drying method to protect your sexy underwear and make you more beautiful and confident.

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