The new 2010 sexy underwear

The new 2010 sexy underwear

1. What is sexy sheets

Interest underwear is a underwear specially designed for couples or couples when it is intimate.Unlike traditional underwear, they are sexy and irritating, and they aim to enhance the fun and pleasure of sex.

2. Types of sexy underwear

Sex underwear can be divided into multiple types, including:

1. Delosure

2. Lace underwear suit

3. bellyband and G string

4. Interesting orthodox clothes

5. Net socks and stockings.

3. 2010 sexy underwear

Different from the past, the 2010 sexy underwear uses more high -quality fabrics and creative designs, making people feel more sexy and attractive.The new underwear also uses a variety of bright and exciting colors and prints, such as bright red, yellow, purple, animal patterns and patterns.

4. Material and design

The new sex lingerie uses various fabrics, including Tianzhu cotton, lace, silk and artificial leather.In terms of design, they usually have various tailoring, lines, patterns and details.There are also some underwear using decorations such as beads, lace and rope to increase sexy factors.

5. Suitable occasions

New sexy underwear is suitable for various occasions, especially Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversary, birthday and any other special occasions.They can be used in any private place, such as bedrooms and bathrooms.

6. Suitable crowd

Fun underwear is suitable for everyone who likes to challenge.Whether you are single or husband and wife, people who are interested in trying new things can refer to this underwear.

7. How to buy new sexy underwear

When buying new sexy underwear, remember the following points:

1. Choose underwear suitable for your style and taste

2. Be careful not to buy too tight or over loose underwear

3. Choose underwear suitable for your body and body shape

4. Try to wear underwear in the store or view the size chart online

8. Maintain new sexy underwear

New sex lingerie needs special maintenance and attention.Please follow the following points:

1. Wash hands and rub gently

2. Do not use bleach

3. Don’t put it in the dryer to dry

4. Avoid being washed together and so on.

9. Safety prompts when using sexy underwear

Although sexy underwear can provide great sexual pleasure, there are some security tips to pay attention to.

1. Do not share underwear to avoid infectious diseases

2. Please use sexual toys cautiously

3. Be careful to use oily lubricants. They may destroy underwear and choose water -based lubricants better.

10. My point of view

The new 2010 sexy underwear provides people with an excellent choice to pursue sexual stimulus and pleasure in terms of mysterious and stylish design, various materials and colors.If you are interested in trying, choose the underwear suitable for you!

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