Wear sex underwear 3P

Wear sex underwear 3P

"Interesting underwear" is a popular type of underwear in recent years. Many people think it is suitable for couples to flirt with each other and increase sexual interest.Among the many styles of sexy underwear, "3P sex underwear" has been loved by many people.So, what exactly is "3P sexy underwear"?How to wear it to feel the taste of interest?Let’s take a look together.

Why is it called "3P sexy underwear"?

The so -called "3P erotic underwear" is actually a suit composed of 3 items: bra, T -shaped pants and ultra -waist extreme skirts.It is called "3P", mainly because its skirt design makes people think of "triangular cone", which is similar to the "three -person show underwear".Therefore, "3P sex underwear" has become its common name.

What does it feel like wearing "3P sexy underwear"?

For women wearing "3P sexy underwear", this underwear can make them look more slender and charming, and because it is equipped with T -shaped pants, the "3P sex lingerie" underwear is more sexy.

How to match pantyhose?

"3P sexy underwear" has its own waist skirt, so it is very important to choose the right pantyhose.It is best to choose a fish net socks that are consistent with the "3P sex lingerie" suit style, which can show the sexy and temptation of the "3P sex underwear" suit.

How to use accessories?

"3P sex underwear" itself has a strong visual impact, so it is not recommended to use too much accessories.It is best not to choose a ring, necklace and other items for matching.Therefore, when wearing "3P sexy underwear", you can consider wearing lightweight accessories such as shiny earrings or bracelets to show your more sexy side.

What are the cases?

Like other sexy lingerie styles, wearing "3P sex underwear" shows your good time in "private occasions".For example, when you are dating at home with your partner, or participating in the "Interest PARTY" party, these are all good moments that show your charm.

Fabric and warm reminder

"3P sex underwear" is best to choose "lace" as fabric, which can add a playful and sexy.When washing "3P Sexy Lingerie", you can choose cold water handwashing. Do not use washing machines.Because the surface of "3P sexy underwear" is mostly lace, it is easy to harm pantyhose or other items, so it is best to put it in a special underwear to wash the bag before washing.

Other 3P sex lingerie styles

In addition to the above -mentioned "3P erotic underwear", there is now a similar style. The basic version of "3P sex underwear" is that the difference from the former is that the skirt is not a "triangular cone", but a conventional arc shape.In addition, the "3P sex underwear" is more advanced, connecting BRA with over -the -waist short skirt, and there is also a "4P sex underwear".Dress up for complete fun.


The "3P Inspection Underwear" set has been favored by many people, especially those who are pursuing sexy and interesting.Wearing it can show the good body of women, increase the sexy atmosphere, and let you show yourself confidently.As long as you pay attention to the correct washing, correct pantyhose matching and positive mentality, it will definitely become a beautiful landscape in your date.

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