Wearing a sexy underwear and shyly talk to him

Wearing a sexy underwear and shyly talk to him

Interest underwear is a unique underwear. Its unique style and design make it a fashion choice for many people.It can show your sexiest side, which can help you become more confident, and at the same time can increase your taste between you and your partner.Wearing a sexy underwear will make many women feel shy when facing a partner. This article will provide you with related suggestions and skills to help you overcome the shyness and be brave to express your emotions to your partner.

1. Understand your figure

When wearing sexy underwear, it is important to understand your body advantages and shortcomings.If you know which parts you want to show, you can choose the style that is more suitable for your own underwear.For example, if you want to show a charming chest, you can choose a sexy underwear exposed on the chest; if you want to modify the abdomen, you can try a chic air belt and sexy lingerie.

2. Select the right color

Selection of sexy underwear color is also very important.If you are a quiet woman, it is recommended to choose light pink, white, light blue and other colors; if you are sexy and hot women, it is recommended to choose bold red, black, orange and other colors.

3. Determine the appropriate size

It is also very important to choose a size suitable for you.You can use the size table to help you find a size that suits you, and try to buy it as much as possible to determine the size of the size of the size.

4. Choose good quality

The quality of sexy underwear is also very important.Buying qualified products can ensure comfort and quality.Therefore, when buying goods, try to touch whether the fabric is comfortable, see if the shoulder strap can easily adjust the size, and check whether the underwear has a hidden sense of underwear.

5. Taking comfort first

When wearing sexy underwear, comfort is one of the most important factor.No matter what style you choose to ensure that the underwear is comfortable and fit the body is not easy to rub.Comfortable underwear can relax you, full of confidence and security.

6. Learn some tips

When wearing sexy underwear, understanding some tips can help you look more sexy.For example, you can choose some lace decorative sexy underwear, or add some accessories like pendants, jewelry, etc. to your wardrobe.These small details can help you improve your self -confidence and feeling.

7. Deep breathing relaxation

After wearing a sexy underwear, no matter how you feel, you must take a deep breath and relax.Try to make some deep breathing movements, listen to a relaxed music or lie on the sofa to watch a movie.This will help you relax and feel a better self.

8. Communicate bravely with your partner

Don’t be afraid to communicate with your partner.Clearly express your feelings of your partner to make your relationship closer.Tell your partner you want and specific details.This can not only help your partner understand you, but also enhance your feelings.

9. Remember that you are wearing fun, not emotion

Don’t let your feelings and mentality affect your process of wearing sexy underwear.Fun underwear is very fun, allowing you to satisfy the self -expression and exploration desire of women in sexy and interest.Once you realize this, you will feel more confident and sexy.

10. Viewpoint

It is common to speak to him in sexy underwear to speak to him. Don’t be ashamed of expressing his emotions because of this shyness.By understanding what style you choose and adjusting your mentality in time, you will be able to overcome this feeling and enjoy a closer and intimate relationship with your partner.

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