What blessings to write love underwear

What blessings to write love underwear

Paragraph first: starting from the heart, blessing and passing

Sending sex underwear not only needs to choose the right style and size, but also to carefully consider how to express your mind.Start from the heart, and use a affectionate word to convey your most sincere blessings in your heart.

Paragraph 2: Gu looking forward to pity, charming and moving

The best thing in the world is a woman, and your beauty has surpassed all descriptions.Send you a sexy underwear, I hope you can be the focus of the audience, so that everyone will look forward to yourself and charming.

The third paragraph: unique and confident, go forward bravely

Interesting underwear is a unique way to wear, which represents the confidence and courage of women. It is given to you to remind you that no matter what kind of life path you choose, you must be confident and unique, and dare to go forward.

Fourth paragraph: half push and half, charming and versatile

Send you a messy underwear, it seems a bit half a push.But your charm makes me irresistible.May it become a display of your sexy charm and make your charming bloom in front of more people.

Fifth paragraph: sexy and generous, magnificent gas field

The most sexy and generous wearing in the world is sexy underwear.Especially for you to give you such a magnificent woman, it can perfectly show the femininity and resoluteness of women, and coexist with temperament and sexy.

Paragraph 6: Quiet and kind, dressed up

Give you a sexy underwear, for women like you, maybe a little confusing.But I believe that it can make you more dressed, let the glitter no longer cover the beauty, and make your sexy charm more naturally reveal.

Seventh paragraph: sweet as honey, beautiful painting bridge

Your face is as sweet as honey, beautiful painting bridge.Give you a messy underwear, I hope it will become your delicate clothes, making your beauty more stunning, and capturing everyone’s attention.

Paragraph eighth: the light is thousands of feet, the charm is overflowing

Give you a messy underwear, not only looks beautiful, but also represents your charm.Your light flows through your heart, I hope it will make you overflowing with thorns during your journey of life.

Paragraph ninth: Pleasant dance, beautiful and beautiful

Putting on a messy underwear, as if he turned his hands, he danced and stunned.Just like this underwear given to you, it makes your beauty bright, as if the wind blows through the hills, destined to become the center of attention.

Paragraph 10: Appreciate it with your heart and understand women

Sending sex underwear not only gives gifts, but also allows you to better understand women.From different styles and materials, feel the sexy, soft and charm of women.Therefore, if you feel your heart, you will find deeper meaning from the sexy underwear.

The above is the suggestion of sending a blessing of love underwear to send a sincere blessing to make the underwear a bridge for your emotional communication.Sexy, charm, and soft underwear not only meets the needs of women, but also a special way to express inner feelings.

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