What does it mean to have two cloths in sex underwear

What is sexy underwear two cloths

When buying sexy underwear, we often see the word "two cloth", but it is not clear what its specific meaning is.In fact, the term "two cloth" refers to a design style of sexy underwear.

Two cloth styles of sexy underwear

There are many "two cloths" design of sexy underwear, including G strings, T -shaped, thongs and other styles.The characteristics of these styles are combined with two cloth strips instead of a whole piece of cloth like ordinary underwear.

G string sexy underwear

G string sex underwear is also called triangular underwear. The entire design is covered with triangular bore -shaped fabric covering the vulva, and the hips use a very thin band to form a T -shaped.It is characterized by exposing the hips and waist, especially when wearing tight pants, it will not deform the outline of the pants.

T -shaped dressing jacket

T -shaped color underwear also adopts two cloth design.This sexy underwear is characterized by the same triangle fabric and G strings in front, but it is connected to the T -shaped fabric in the back from a thin thin band.It is more exposed to hips, suitable for women who are confident and challenged.

T -shaped pants sexy underwear

Tuto pants are the most exposed sexy underwear type. There is only a triangular fabric in front of the outer pussy. The back is not a thin band, but the triangular cloth that directly connects the hips, which basically expose the hips.This sexy underwear requires a psychological preparation woman to wear it.

The benefits of two cloth design

The design of the two cloths of sexy underwear can greatly improve the sexy level of the wearer and make the underwear more visually impact.And the two cloths have less occupied the area of the body surface, making it easier to wear, extending the leg lines of the legs, and shaping a perfect body.

The lack of two cloth design

The disadvantage of the two fabrics of sexy underwear is that it is easy to cause discomfort and marks when wearing, and it is easy to make the body some adverse reactions when it is used for a long time.In addition, due to its sexy and exposure, you need to consider it carefully and on the occasion, which is not suitable for all women.

How to choose two cloth styles of sexy underwear

Selecting the two cloth styles of sexy underwear needs to first consider your body and the effect you expect to achieve.If you want to show your long legs, T -shaped underwear is the best choice; if you want to show your body curve, G strings and thong panties are ideal choices.

How to wear sex underwear two cloth styles

For women who wear sexy underwear for the first time, it is recommended to choose T -shaped or G style. Their fabrics are relatively large and will not make people feel particularly uncomfortable.At the same time, you can take your body to relax your body in advance before wearing. Remember to achieve the best dressing effect by adjusting the tightness of the thin band.

The fashion trend of the two cloths of sex underwear

The design of the two cloths of sex underwear is in the process of continuous fashion development, and various new styles and new styles have emerged.They can be matched with other external clothing and can be worn alone.Different styles and styles are suitable for different wear occasions and scenes. Women can choose according to their preferences and needs.


Two cloth styles of sexy underwear allow women to show a gorgeous, mysterious, and sexy side, but they need strong psychological tolerance for the wearer.Choosing the right style and using the correct method can make you more comfortable and comfortable while showing your body.

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