What can I wear in addition to sex underwear

What can I wear besides sex underwear?

In addition to meeting the basic warmth and cover needs, wearing clothes is also a way to express personal style and taste.As a special type of clothing, sex underwear is more common in private in private, but it is not suitable to be used as the main clothing in the open field.So, what else can we wear on the premise of removing sex underwear?Here are several suggestions for reference.


Casual costumes are fashionable items with good clothing and strong sense of fashion. They are not only comfortable and casual, but also reflect personality and characteristics.General leisure costumes include sportswear, T -shirts, sweaters, etc., especially casual clothes with prints or patterns, which can highlight personality.These clothing is more suitable for leisure occasions in daily life, such as gatherings, shopping, etc., and it is not suitable for formal or business occasions.

Formal wear

If it is a professional occasion, formalism must be observed.At this time, wearing a formal dress should be done. Men can choose suit, tie, etc. Women can choose professional suits, shirts, etc.In pragmatic and form, formal dress is a very suitable choice, which can reflect the professionalism of personal work, and to a large extent highlighting personal confidence and domineering.


Participating in grand social activities or special occasions, wearing a suitable dress to perfectly interpret the feminine temperament and "handsome and chic" male style of "graceful".Dresses have a lot of choices for women, such as long skirts, skirts, pants, etc. For men, they must consider the matching of suit, tie, bow tie, and leather shoes.Dresses are suitable for attendance, large -scale balls, weddings and awards ceremonies.

Leisure pants

In casual occasions, you can wear more casual and comfortable pants, such as jeans, casual trousers, sports pants, etc., without being too restrained.This kind of pants are more suitable for travel, outdoor leisure and sports activities.Pay attention to the appropriate upper dress in the matching, such as T -shirts, shirts, sweaters, etc.At the same time, the color and version of these pants also have a lot of choices.


It is impossible to deny that the dress is!As a essential item for women, the biggest feature of dresses is that it can not only show women’s graceful figures, but also reflect the unique elegance of women.As we all know, most of the dresses are complete, so you only need to choose a style that suits you, and then with high heels, you can easily improve the gas field.


The soft and comfortable fabric, the right -version of the shirt is one of the indispensable items in the workplace.The shirt is largely a single product. You need to choose the upper body according to your body shape and personal interests. With suitable pants and shoes, you can well reflect your personal style.


In addition to fashion, comfort and freedom are a reason for more people to choose.Although the sweater is a sports item, there are many fashion versions after designing, suitable for daily wear.Both pants and skirts can be well matched, and the wear effect can be very ideal.


Wearing comfortable and fashionable fabrics and comfortable long or shorts, it is also a very common match in daily life.It should be noted that choosing a version that suits you to avoid wearing too loose or tight pants, otherwise it will affect the overall dressing effect.It can be combined with a shirt, sweater, etc. to combine different styles.


In addition to sexy underwear, there are many kinds of clothing to choose from, suitable for different occasions to meet different needs.There is no clothing suitable for occasions in your hand, which may have an embarrassing feeling, affecting personal image and confidence.Choosing the right clothing that suits you will not only make yourself more confident, but also show a better image.

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