What are the sexy underwear in the B cup

What are the sexy underwear in the B cup

1. Understand the chest shape characteristics of B cup

The chest shape of the B cup is a convex or upward type, so you need to choose a sexy underwear suitable for your chest shape.

2. Choose the right material

The material of the sexy underwear should be soft, comfortable, and breathable to ensure wearing comfort.Such as cotton, silk and other materials.

3. Style selection

Women in B cup can selectively sexy lace sexy underwear, buttocks sexy underwear, etc. These styles can modify the chest shape and breast enhancement effect.

4. Pay attention to the matching of corset and chest shape

When wearing sexy underwear, pay attention to matching your own chest shape. Choosing the right style can make your chest more beautiful.

5. Details

The details of sexy underwear are also very important. Lace, lace, embroidery, etc. in the shoulder straps, cup mouth, and chest can make the sexy underwear more beautiful.

6. Selection of size

The choice of size is very important. The appropriate size can make the sexy underwear more comfortable, beautiful, and plump.

7. Wear different sexy underwear in different occasions

Different occasions need to wear different erotic underwear. For sexy occasions, you can wear lace sexy underwear; for daily wear, you can choose a comfortable and soft sexy underwear.

8. matching method

The matching of sexy underwear is also very important. You can choose to match with skirts, stockings, etc. to increase beauty.

9. Daily care

Sex underwear also requires daily care. It cannot be washed with other clothes. It is best to wash it in hand.

10. Personal style

The most important point is to choose sex underwear based on your personal style. You must meet your temperament and personality.

When choosing to wear sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to styles, materials, sizes, matching, details, and matching. Finally, choose a sexy underwear that suits you.The most important thing is to choose according to your personal style. Only in this way can you reflect your temperament and personality and make you more confident and charming.

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