What erotic underwear is easier to tear

What erotic underwear is easier to tear?

Interest underwear provides us with infinite fantasy and sexy, making us more confident and relaxed.However, how should we choose these sexy underwear when buying?What erotic underwear is easier to tear?The following small titles will answer this question.

1. The effect of material on tearing

Interest underwear is usually composed of a variety of fabrics, such as silk, lace, fish nets, cotton, polyester and nylon.However, these fabrics are different in strength, softness and durability.Generally speaking, lace and fish nets are easier to tear, while cotton and polyester are less likely to tear.

2. Is the design of the underwear reasonable

The design of the underwear also affects the durability of the underwear.Especially in lace and fish nets, if they are cut or close to the skin, they are easily torn during exercise or penetration.Therefore, a reasonable design should avoid constructing the concave and excessive loose band.

3. The reason for tearing

In addition to fabrics and design, tear is also affected by other factors.If underwear is worn, excessive stretching, or pulling in the corner, it may cause tearing.If the underwear is incorrect, it will also lead to excessive tension and lead to tearing.

4. How to clean up sexy underwear

You need to pay attention when cleaning sex underwear.Do not use a cleaner containing bleach, because they will damage the fiber of the fabric, thereby reducing the durability of underwear.At the same time, the sexy underwear should not be washed with hard items, because these items can rub underwear, causing tearing.

5. The importance of loose band

The importance of elastic band is self -evident.Its role is to keep the underwear closely fit and avoid slipping.However, if the loose band is too tight, it will lead to excessive tension, which will cause tears, especially on the fabrics of lace and fish nets.

6. How to store sexy underwear

The proper storage of sexy underwear is also important.When you stuff your underwear into the drawer or throw it at the bottom of the wardrobe, you may be squeezed by other things.Therefore, it is recommended to hang the underwear on the underworld to avoid being crushed and damaged by other items and reduce the risk of tear.

7. The price and quality of underwear

Good quality underwear is relatively high, but life span is longer.Therefore, the quality of underwear should not be ignored when buying sexy underwear.Good quality can save costs, because they are usually made of durable materials, which can ensure the durability of underwear.

8. Avoid using nails or sharp items

Finally, in order to avoid tearing, we need to avoid using nails or sharp objects to scrape underwear when wearing and taking off underwear or daily activities.At the same time, it is also important to wear and remove.We should put off and take off underwear as much as possible to ensure its integrity.

In summary, the materials, design, maintenance and use of sexy underwear will affect its durability and whether it is easy to tear.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, you need to choose high -quality fabrics and a size suitable for you. Correctly penetrating off underwear and maintenance can also extend the life of sexy underwear.

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