What gifts are generally given for sex underwear

What is a sex lingerie gift?

Sexy underwear is a sexy underwear, which is becoming more and more popular.In order to increase sales, many merchants will have some small gifts.These small gifts are also called sexy lingerie gifts, and they are usually delivered with the sexy underwear purchased.Sex underwear gifts can not only increase the user experience, but also attract more customers to buy.

Sending lingerie Gift type

There are many types of sexy lingerie gifts, the most common is exquisite small gifts.Here are some common gifted types:

Influence underwear maintenance device

Fun underwear maintenance device is a small tool that helps you maintain sexy underwear.This small device can help you handle small problems in family, such as cleaning and storage of sexy underwear.

user’s Guide

The instruction manual is a very simple gift.They usually include explanations about sexy underwear, such as how to wear, how to clean, how to maintain, and so on.Users can better solve the knowledge of sexy underwear by using instructions.

Small sex toy

Fun underwear merchants will also accompany beautiful small sex toys.These small toys are usually some suggestive props, such as small whip or handcuffs.These small toys are suitable for enthusiasts, and it is better to use with sex underwear.

Interesting experience voucher

Fun experience vouchers can help users enjoy more discounts.These vouchers can provide free to use a certain sexy underwear or enjoy other discounts.This can not only attract more users to buy sexy underwear, but also increase customer loyalty.

Sexy underwear washing agent

Sexy underwear washing agents are detergents designed for sexy underwear.This kind of detergent is required, which is very important for maintaining the internal and external quality of sexy underwear.This is a very practical small gift that can bring many benefits to sexy underwear enthusiasts.

Body care products

Body care products are things that everyone can use.For example, beauty shower gel, moisturizing milk, hand cream, etc.These body care products can help customers better protect their skin health and take care of their health.

Cosmetic products

Today’s beauty industry is very hot. For women who love beauty, beauty helps to enhance their image charm.It is not difficult to imagine that, as one of the gifts in the sexy underwear industry, it is very popular with beauty products. In addition to being able to better take care of customers, it can also meet the individual’s pursuit of their own appearance.

UV disinfection sterilization lamp

UV disinfection sterilization lamp is a very popular disinfection tool now.This light can help users kill bacteria and viruses effectively.For sexy underwear, especially some auxiliary tools, can better protect customers’ hygiene, health and safety, and is really a gift for sexy underwear merchants.

New gifts of sexy underwear

New gifts of sexy underwear are a very common gift.When merchants have new products listed, in order to attract customers to buy, they usually give some new gifts.These new gifts may be new sexy underwear, or other products.


In short, there are many types of sexy lingerie gifts, and each type provides customers with some specific discounts.In the sexy underwear market, many merchants will provide different sexy lingerie gifts to increase their sales and meet customer needs.

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