What is sexy underwear props

What is the sexy underwear props?

Have you heard of sexy underwear props?They are a type of props designed to enhance sexual life experience.Specifically, it can be an item that enhances physical sensory stimuli, improves sexual desire and sexual intercourse experience, including some specific passion underwear, sexy products and props related to sex.Now let’s take a look at what the sexy underwear props are!

Sexy Lingerie

Sexy underwear is a kind of sexy underwear props. It can change the appearance and shape of the body, help enhance self -esteem, and improve self -confidence and interest.Many sexy underwear are made of lace, silk, and transparent fabrics to increase visual stimuli and make people feel more sexy and charming.In addition, some sexy underwear also has special opening and buckle, which can complete sexual intercourse without disassembling underwear, which greatly enhances the love experience.

Sexy jewelry

Sexy jewelry is a type of props that emphasize modeling, charm and getting rid of traditional gender characters.For example, some people like to wear flower rings or feathers on their heads, or wear too many necklaces, bracelets, and ankles.These sexy jewelry can increase the sexual taste of life and entertainment and make people more comfortable and relaxed.

High heel

High -heeled shoes can be said to be one of the classics in sexy underwear props.They can change their posture and physical form, making you look more attractive and sexy.They can also make you highlight your calf and hip lines, giving people a very sexy feeling.Of course, it is also important to choose high heels suitable for your own feet and comfort, because if you are uncomfortable, it will affect the body’s posture and sexy level.

Handcuffs and foot handcuffs

Handcuffs and shackles are commonly used sexy underwear props. They bring new restrictions and challenges to the physical activity of the two partners.The design of handcuffs and foot handcuffs is usually a ring in the abdomen, which can be connected together with a tie chain.At the same time, these props can challenge your inherent thinking, as well as some stimulus and unusual feelings, such as binding, limited freedom and control, and so on.

Port ball

Mouth -ball is also a kind of sexy underwear props. It can change the degree of freedom of the oral activity, and also increases the stimulus of taste, taste and chewing.Many times, other subsequent designs such as dog chains are added to add more color and taste to sex experience.

Sexy eye mask

Sexy eye masks are usually used to enhance auditory and tactile feelings and stop all visual stimuli.You can use it to weaken the process of brain dominance, strengthen other body sensation attacks, and create a whole body, emotional desire.For those who want to cover their eyes to improve sensory experience, relaxation nerves, and enhanced sexual experience, sexy eye masks are a good choice.

Jumping egg

Jumping eggs are a light and easy to use sexy underwear props. Putting a vibration device inside can quickly stimulate women’s sexy nerves and allow men to better control their behavior.Some modern jumping eggs can also be operated with Wi-Fi signals, leading a revolution in a new round of sex props.

Sex toys

Interesting products are products that can bring more sexual desire, sexual stimulation and sexual experience.They usually increase products, actively promote sexual activities, and achieve specific purposes.For example, masturbation, penis ring, love nest products, and so on.


In general, the sexy underwear props are a type of props designed to enhance physical feelings, improve sexual desire and sexual intercourse experience, including some specific passion underwear, sexy products and props related to sex.When choosing to use, we need to carefully consider the type of items, their own needs and comfort.Only when respecting and protecting yourself can we truly enjoy the beauty of sexy underwear.

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