What is three -point sexy underwear like

What is a three -point erotic underwear?

Three -point sexy underwear is a relatively light and sexy underwear, which consists of three parts:

Milk stickers: Triangular triangles with glue are pasted on the breast to achieve the effect of covering.

The bottom: Only a small amount of fabrics are covered with crotch, the shape is like G-String, which is very sexy.

Necklace: Link the milk to the bottom and tie a slender chain on the neck.

This sexy underwear is often used for hot and sexy performances, or as a special sexual product. Its sexy and teasing sex is suitable for couples to bring more joyful stimuli.

Different styles of three -point sexy underwear

Three -point erotic underwear, although the overall style is relatively similar, there are actually many different styles, such as:

Transparent model: The use of transparent fabrics is also the most classic three -point sexy underwear.

Lace: The lace fabric is well decorated.

Sexy models: Local sexy geometric graphics to decorate the entire erotic underwear, which is more enthusiastic.

Color model: Take it in characteristic colors, such as red or purple.Match the color and emphasize the feminine temperament of women.

Asymmetry: Paste the two triangular milk on the chest in different positions to create a special imbalance.

Select the precautions of the three -point sexy underwear

When choosing a three -point erotic underwear, you need to pay attention to the following points:

Size selection: Be sure to choose the right size, otherwise it will cause discomfort or affect the appearance effect.

Fabric selection: The fabric should choose fabrics with good breathability, soft texture and anti -wrinkle.In addition, to avoid too stimulating the skin of the skin, such as rough fibers.

Design selection: Choose suitable styles to make us more comfortable, do not be too thick or too thin, and consider the color]

How to wear three -point sexy underwear?

Wearing three -point sexy underwear is skillful.A few simple steps can make the effect better:

Wash your hands and unveil the anti -mucous membrane of glue.

Stick the milk stickers and press it lightly to the fully fit with the breast.

Ten the necklace and link the milk sticker to the bottom.

Put on the bottom and adjust the position, and then take some powder to prevent rubbing.

The effect of three -point sexy underwear

Wearing three -point sexy underwear can achieve the following effects:

Sexy appearance: Women wear a sexy and elegant temperament.

Stimulating sexy nerves: Three -point erotic underwear uses a very small amount of fabric, which makes a feeling of irritating sexy, which can make us more excited.

Enhanced self -confidence: The sexy hood style of three -point sexy underwear can help women enhance self -confidence, more relaxed and comfortable in front of the lover.

How to care for three -point sexy underwear

Nursing three -point sexy underwear is very important. The common methods are as follows:

Hand washing: This sexy underwear is relatively thin, and hand washing is the most protective method.

Avoid high temperature: too high temperature when washing can easily deform or even damage the fabric, so avoid high temperature.

Dry sunlight: Direct sun exposure will make the fabric aging and need to dry in a cool place.

Three -point sexy underwear purchase channel

How to buy three -point sexy underwear?There are several channels:

Fun Store: We can go to the sex store to see and buy it directly.

Online shopping: We can also buy in various online stores, so that we can browse at home.

Three -point sexy underwear size selection question

The choice of three -point sexy underwear is a very important issue.Different brands may have different choices of size, so you must see the labels before buying.

Three -point erotic underwear finished taboo

Although the three -point sexy underwear is sexy, it is not sexy, but there are still some contraindications to pay attention, such as:

Sensitive skin: If your skin is sensitive, it is not recommended to use some irritating sexy underwear, they may have a adverse effect on your skin.

Physical discomfort: If you feel insomnia, dizziness, or some other discomfort in the body, it is not suitable to use sexy underwear

After the three -point sexy underwear should be cleaned, it must be cleaned in time.Otherwise, the breeding of bacteria will increase and harmful to the human body.

in conclusion

In terms of buying three -point sexy underwear, you should pay attention to size, fabric, style selection, and so on.Wearing three -point sexy underwear can make us more sexy and confident, improve interest in love, and enhance life fun.

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