What sexy underwear girls do I like in the United States

What sexy underwear girls do I like in the United States


Interest underwear is an important tool for women to show sexy, elegant and confident, and in the United States with fierce market competition, what kind of sexy lingerie women can better win consumers’ love?


American consumers prefer women with full breasts, which means that sexy underwear that fits the chest shape and enhances the chest curve is more attractive, such as lace bra, bras with support function.


In terms of color, black, red and white are the favorite sexy underwear colors of American consumers.Among them, black is considered to show the sexy and elegant temperament of women, and red is more challenging and excited.


American consumers prefer natural fabrics and soft and comfortable textures, such as cotton, silk, lace and other materials, because these materials can better breathe and feel the body.

Cultural element

Some cultural elements are also very popular with American consumers, such as national style, retro, cartoons, comics, etc. these elements add unique personality and fun to these elements.

Wearing occasion

Wearing a occasion is also an important factor in the consumption of sexy underwear.For American consumers, in addition to enjoying the intimate moments of naked sleeping between couples, they will also wear sexy underwear on occasions such as parties, gatherings or special celebrations. ThereforeAnd demand.


The price of sexy underwear is also crucial for consumers. American consumers are more willing to choose sexy underwear brands and products that match their own needs and budgets.


The brand image is one of the important decision factors for consumers to choose sexy underwear brands and products.Healthy, self -confidence, sexy, fashionable, noble and elegant is the brand image favored by American consumers. Therefore, the design and promotion of sexy underwear need to pay attention to brand shape and image construction.

market trend

In recent years, with the popularity of social media and personalized consumption, the sex underwear market has also shown a trend of personalized, customized and diversified.Therefore, sexy underwear design needs to be continuously innovated and improved in combination with market trends and consumer needs.


In summary, for American consumers, the chest shape is full, black, white, red, and natural, comfortable, matching cultural elements, suitable for various occasions, sexy underwear brands that match budgets, healthy and confidently confidently confidentThe brand image and diversified and personalized market trends are the key factor that attracts consumers.Of course, good erotic underwear brands and products also need to continuously adapt to market changes and challenges, and maintain close interaction and linkage with consumers.

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