What kind of sexy lingerie women wearing

What kind of sexy lingerie women wearing

Sex underwear is a fashion choice for modern women.It is a way to show the body curve of women and part of the emotional life.However, for novices, how to choose the right sexy underwear may be a problem.In this article, I will discuss this issue.

1. Net eye sex shell

Net eye sex lingerie is a sexy choice because it shows the curve and skin of the female body.But for those who like conservatives, the details of the mesh may be too exposed.If you want some sexy things, but you don’t want to be too exposed, it is best to choose other styles.

2. Transparent erotic sheet

Transparent erotic underwear is a more exposed choice, which allows people to bring a layer of mysterious feeling.However, if you don’t want to be considered to be exposed to yourself, or if you don’t want to feel embarrassed, then transparent erotic underwear may not be a good choice.

3. Safe sexy underwear

Safe sexy underwear is a new type of sexy underwear that provides a better sense of comfort while ensuring sexy.It usually uses sterile and breathable fabric to ensure that it will not cause harm to women’s health.Therefore, for those women who are paying attention to health, safe and sexy underwear may be a better choice.

4. Classic black color sex lingerie

Classic black sexy underwear is a sexy choice because it allows people to have a mysterious and enthusiastic atmosphere.However, if your skin tone is lighter, black sexy underwear may show the defects of your skin.Therefore, you need to choose the color according to your skin tone and preference.

5. Suitable for chest -shaped sexy underwear

It is very important to choose a sexy underwear that suits you to make your chest full and clean.Extremely tight or loose cups can affect the chest lines and make various problems prone to occur.Therefore, women need to choose the cups and materials that are suitable for themselves so that they can avoid flaws while displaying their figures.

6. Fairy underwear style that suits you

It is very important to choose a sexy lingerie style that suits you.Different styles can highlight different body parts, such as waist, legs, back and so on.To choose a style that suits your body curve, it can show more beautiful posture and not prone to defects in the body.

7. Netbelt sexy sheets

In this sexy underwear, the part of the belt and belly is made of mesh material, which is especially suitable for women who like to show their skin texture.However, it is not a good choice for women who want to cover some belly fat or keep conservative.

8. Own shoulder erotic underwear

For women with very beautiful shoulders and necks, off -shoulder sexy underwear may be a good choice.They can make their shoulders and necks more beautiful, but they may need to consider those women who do not like their shoulders or uncomfortable.

In general, it is important to choose the right sexy underwear. It should meet the personal body shape, skin color and personality.Women should choose a style and color that suits them when buying underwear, rather than blindly pursuing trend and fashion.As long as you choose properly, sexy underwear can make women more confident and sexy.

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