What kind of sexy underwear does fat MM wear

What kind of sexy underwear does fat MM wear


More and more people start paying attention to their own figure, but for fat MM, choosing the right sexy underwear may be a headache.This article will provide suggestions and guidance for those fat MMs when wearing sexy underwear.

Fabric selection

Choosing the right fabric is the first step to choose the right sexy underwear.For fat MM, it is best to choose elastic, soft fabrics, such as satin, silk, translucent lace, etc. These fabrics can better wrap the body and avoid protruding meat.

Style selection

When choosing a style, Fat MM can choose some sexy underwear with abdomen design, which can not only shape the sexy body, but also cover the fat on the abdomen.For example, high -waisted underwear, breasts with tightening designs, etc. These are good choices.

Selection of color

When choosing colors, avoid using too bright colors, because these colors can easily attract too much attention.Instead, choose some simple and low -key colors, such as black, white, flesh, etc. These colors make people feel more linear.

Tight -fitting

For those fat MMs with obese belly and loose abdominal muscles, tight sexy underwear is a good choice.Tight -fitting sexy underwear can highlight the body’s curve, provide better support, and make people look slimmer.

Pants style

Pants style sexy underwear is sexy and can make you more comfortable.The erotic underwear of pants can cover the abdomen, making your body look firmer and slender.

Chest design

For those fat MMs with large chests, it is very important to choose the right chest design.The chest spacing of the chest can be well shaped to shape the chest lines, and it can also support the chest to avoid sagging of the chest.

Set selection

Choosing the inner and outer set is the best choice for you to be more sexy and charming in bed.The set adds some elements, such as suspenders, lace, transparent design, etc. These designs add to sexy underwear will make you more eye -catching.

size selection

Choosing the right size is an important step in wearing a sexy underwear.Note that the size of different brands is different, and you need to choose the appropriate size according to your body, so that you can truly reflect the sexy and beautiful beauty of sexy underwear.


It is also important to choose the right sexy lingerie on the right occasion.Different designs and styles are needed to wear sexy underwear on different occasions.For example, a transparent sexy underwear can be penetrated in private occasions, and a simple design can be selected in ordinary occasions.

in conclusion

As a fat MM, choosing the right sexy underwear to shape a more sexy and charming figure is completely possible.Choosing the right style, fabric, color, design and size is critical. Form the corresponding dressing principles according to the actual situation to create your own beautiful time!

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