What shop has fun jackets

(Note: This article is only for sex education and shopping, and it is strictly forbidden for any illegal purpose.)

What shop has fun jackets

In modern society, sexy underwear is no longer limited to mutual gifts between the opposite sex. More and more women are willing to wear sexy erotic underwear in daily life to add their own charm and self -confidence.But if you don’t know where you buy these underwear, then you are right.In this article, I will let you know where to buy different types of sexy underwear.

1. offline sex products store

Offline sex shops are the most traditional way to buy sexy underwear.These shops are usually located in the bustling business district or shopping mall in cities, and are designed to meet the needs of sexual health products.If you want to touch, choose and try sexy underwear by yourself, offline stores are the ideal way of shopping.

2. E -commerce platform

As the name suggests, the e -commerce platform is a website that sells products on the Internet.Compared with offline erotic products stores, the e -commerce platform is more convenient, fast, privacy, and usually more affordable.For example, Taobao, JD, Tmall, etc., usually include different types of sexy underwear to choose from.

3. Global cross -border shopping platform

With the continuous changes of people’s cross -border consumption habits, many foreign sex lingerie brands have begun to enter the Chinese market.For example, Victoria ’s Secret in the United States, it is a famous brand that specializes in selling women’s underwear, pajamas and beauty products.Through global cross -border shopping websites such as Amazon and Dangdang, you can also easily buy sexy underwear of these brands.

4. Brand store

Many sexy underwear brands will open their own stores in the city center.For example, an internationally renowned brand Agent Provocateur, which has its own brand store in Shanghai.Because buying erotic underwear in brand stores can obtain preferential discounts and quality guarantees from manufacturers, many people choose to buy sexy underwear in specialty stores.

5. Fashion underwear shop

Fashion underwear stores are different from ordinary underwear stores. They usually sell high -end and unique women’s underwear and sexy underwear.These shops usually choose some high -end brands to focus on quality and design.If you are pursuing high quality and luxury, then fashion underwear is a good choice for you to buy sexy underwear.

6. Commercial Super Health Zone

As people’s attention to health has continued to increase, more and more supermarkets have opened healthy areas in the store.These healthy areas usually sell healthy foods, drinks, health products and sexual health products.For example, Wal -Mart, Carrefour, etc. have a sexual health care area, including some sexy underwear products.

7. Health Museum

The Health Hall provides physical health and health products. These museums usually sell some sex health products, such as men’s and women’s health products, sexy underwear, and so on.If you don’t like shopping in public places, then you can try to buy sexy underwear for the health museum.

8. Gift supermarket

The last way to buy sexy underwear is in a gift supermarket.Gift supermarkets are a small retail store. It usually sells some gifts, romantic supplies, etc., and often sells some sexy underwear and other strange or interesting sex toys.


No matter which way you choose to buy sexy underwear depends on your personal needs and preferences.The only thing to note is that when choosing to buy, you must ensure the quality and quality of the product, and ensure safety and hygiene.Whether you are pursuing high quality or price discounts, the ultimate goal is to make you more beautiful and confident.

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