What size is sexy underwear

What size is sexy underwear

As a special women’s underwear, sexy underwear can not only meet women’s needs for sexy and fashionable, but also enhance self -confidence and charm, making women more confidently show themselves.However, for many women, choosing the right sexy underwear size is a headache.In this article, we will discuss what size of sexy underwear, and analyze it in detail.

1. Understand the size table

When buying sexy underwear, you must first understand the size table and choose the appropriate size according to your body size.Some women like to choose bigger underwear, which can make themselves more comfortable, but if you choose too much size, it will not only cause uncomfortable wearing underwear, but also lose the sexy effect of sexy underwear.

2. Standard size and custom size

Interesting underwear on the market is usually divided into two types: standard size and custom size.Standard size is suitable for women with ordinary figures, and custom sizes can make women tailor -made according to their body size.If your body size is more special, it is recommended to choose a custom size sexy underwear.

3. Have a suitable bra

It is also important to choose the right bra.If your bra is too large or too small, no matter how you choose a sexy underwear, it will produce bad results.Therefore, it is recommended to measure your bust and cup type before choosing a sexy underwear.

4. Understand underwear fabric

Different erotic underwear materials are different, some materials may shrink more than other materials, so you need to choose the appropriate sexy underwear size according to your body size.When selecting the size, it is recommended to choose the appropriate size according to the underwear material.

5. Use of size measurement tools

The size measurement tool can help women measure their body size, so as to better choose the appropriate sexy underwear size.These tools usually include tools that measure the size of the clothes and measure the bust size.Using these tools will more accurately understand your body size so that you can buy appropriate sexy underwear.

6. Consider personal preference

In addition to physical size, you must also consider your style and personal preferences.Some women like to choose tight sexy underwear, while some women like more loose styles.When buying, you need to choose the appropriate sexy underwear according to your preferences and need to be selected.

7. Style and use scenario

The style of sexy underwear is different, and different styles are suitable for different occasions.Some sexy underwear is suitable for daily wear, while some sexy underwear is suitable for special occasions and special moments.When selecting the size, you need to consider the type and usage scenario of sexy underwear.

8. Color selection

The color of sexy underwear is also an important factor.Different erotic underwear colors have different requirements for figures.Light color sexy underwear is usually suitable for women with slender figures, while dark sexy underwear is suitable for women with full figure.

in conclusion

It is very important for women to choose the appropriate sexy underwear. It is necessary to make reasonable adjustments based on factors such as their physical size, personal preferences, occasions, and colors.For women who are not sure of their size, it is recommended to go to professional brand stores or professional underwear stores to ask for help according to their actual situation, and let professionals help you choose the right sexy underwear.

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